Fiber Optical Path Switches
Application Note

Agiltron is a world leading producer of fiberoptic switches with a large world-wide installation, based on multiple patented cutting-edge technologies meeting a wide range of application scenarios. The Company volume produces four series of optical switches that are optimized for different performance attributes.

etMEMS™ Fiber Optical Switches (Long Life)
Si Micro-Machine, high reliability , latching, broad wavelength coverage,  non wear-out, low cost
NanoSpeed™ Fiber Optical Switches (High Speed/None-Moving/Long Life)
Electro-Optical, nano-second response, non-moving ultra-high reliability,  broad wavelength coverage, vibration insensitive, continuous splitting
CrystaLatch™ Fiber Optical Switches (High Speed/None-Moving/Ultra Long Life)
Magneto-Optical,  non-moving ultra-high reliability, micro-second response, latching, vibration insensitive, built-in isolator/circulator.
LightBend™ Fiber Optical Switches(Low Cost)
Micro-Mechanical, low loss, low cost, broad wavelength coverage.
SelfAlign™ Fiber Optical Switches (Large Port/Low Cost/Low Loss)
Fiber to Fiber, low loss, low cost, broad wavelength coverage , latching, large ports