Micro-optic Coupler, Splitter, WDM Series
Application Note

Agiltron's micro-optic based coupler/splitter/combiner series feature low insertion loss, high optical power handling, epoxy-free optical path, compact package, and high reliability and stability. These high quality components have excellent characteristics, making them an ideal platform for hybrid component configurations for applications in fiber amplifier systems, pump lasers, and optical fiber sensors. Reliability is guaranteed through tests to fully meet Telcordia GR-1221 requirements.

Micro-optic Coupler, Splitter Series

Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter
PM 1x2 2x2 Coupler
PM 2x2 Coupler with RC Panda Fiber
Bandpass filter with attenuation
C-Band band separator

Micro-optic WDM Series

100 GHz DWDM Single Channel Device
100 GHz DWDM 8 Channel Module
100 GHz DWDM 16 Channel Module
CWDM Single Channel Device
CWDM 8 Channel Module
980/1550 WDM/Isolator Hybrid