Wafer Processing Capabilities
Metrology and Testing
Contact 1:1 Aligner - Front/Back Side CD Microscopes
        Accuracy - 1um front/2um back Surface Profiler
        Min. feature - .8um Film Stress Measurements
Stepper 5:1 Aligner
SEM with CD Tool
        Alignment Accuracy - .1um Automated Probing
         Min. feature - .35um
Resists Thicknesses - .5-10um, > 20um Positive and Negative/SU8   

We offer our customers quick turn around and we handle the needs of small labs and universities with demands of just a few wafers to large multinationals requiring extensive development and production.


Plasma Etching
Wet Etching
DRIE Si with high selectivity and 1:50 feature aspect ratio
Anisotropic silicon etching (KOH, TMAH)
Oxide ICP – SiO2, SiN
Wet etching of dielectrics (SiO2, SiN, Al2O3
        Min. feature - .8um Wet cleaning processes (HF, peroxide)
Stepper 5:1 Aligner
Wet Etch Metals – Al, TiW, Au, Cu, Cr, Ni
Sputter Deposition – Al, Au, Cr, Cu, NiCr, Ti, TiW
Evaporation – Au, Cr, Pt, Ti


Other Process Capabilities:
Automated Dicing
Wire Bonding
Epoxy and Solder Die Attachment