Application Note

Based on multiple cutting-edge technology platforms, Agiltron offers a wide breadth of fiberoptic components at the most competitive prices with industry leading performance. These products feature unique performance attributes:

Lower Loss
Made with fiber inline beam shaping and advanced packaging techniques, our fiberoptic components are low in optical insertion losses.
High Speed
Agiltron offers a wide range of agile reconfigurable fiberoptic components.  Agiltron's CrystaLatchTM fiberoptic switches feature sub-millisecond high speed response, fail-safe latching, and direct TTL control. Agiltron's NanoSpeedTM fiberoptic switch/VOA/splitter have ultra-fast high speed ~50ns response time and low loss<1dB performance.
Higher Reliability
Using patented non-mechanical light management technologies, we produce several families of solid state reconfigurable fiberoptic components that do not have wear-out mechanisms and are insensitive to vibrations. These agile components are qualified for aerospace and out-space applications. Our non-mechanical switches also have a proven high reliability for use in continuous optical monitoring applications.
Wider Spectrum
We offer unique fiberoptic components covering wide operation wavelength range from 400nm to 8 micron. Agiltron's short wave isolators are in large volume production. Agiltron's broadband switches are well suited for bio-tech applications.
Higher Power Handlings
With a breakthrough beam expansion design, all of Agiltron's products can be ordered with 5 to 20W high optical power handling capability. We also offer high power collimators that can deliver optical power up to 100W