Variable Fiber Optical Time Delay
Application Note

Agiltron produces digitally variable fiberoptic delay featuring very large range and high resolution. We offer two versions of both fiber loops based and dielectric medium based configurations to satisfy various customer requirements. We also offer regular fiber as a standard and PM fiber as optional. Agiltron’s solid-state dynamic reconfigurable technology delivers ultra-fast switching time of ‹0.05 ms and ultra-high reliability well exceeding 100 billion switching cycles. This series of non-mechanical and non-organic devices utilizes state-of-the-art materials and technology that is intrinsically stable against temperature fluctuation and wear-out. In addition, the fiberoptic devices have unique fail-safe latching capability, thereby maintaining their position indefinitely when power is removed. An evaluation/development kit, including a PC driver and Windows™ based graphical interface, is also available for these products.

Variable Optical Time Delay Series

MEMS Variable Optical / Photonic Time Delay - High Speed, Fail-Safe Latching, Low Insertion Loss

Fiber Optical Variable Time Delay - Solid-State, Fiber Based, Up to ms Long Delay

PM Fiber Optical Time Delay - Solid-State, Fiber Based, Up to ms Long Delay

Integrated Variable Optical Time Delay - Solid-State, Crystal Based, Fine Delay

Photonic Time Delay Full System - Large time delay range, High Reliability

N-bit Lossless Viriable Photonic Time Delay Module -Lossless, Large time delay range, High Reliability