Ultra High Speed  Variable Optical  Attenuators (VOAs)
Application Note

The NanoSpeed™ High Speed Variable Optic Attenuator family features ultra-fast sub-millisecond response, non-mechanical high reliability, and a wide operating temperature range from -50°C to +90°C. These VOAs are designed to meet the most mission-critical high speed optical switching applications. The patent pending NanoSpeed™ VOA is non-mechanical, controlled by an electrical filed inside an inorganic optical crystal to facilitate fast light intensity control. With a compensation technique, the out-put light intensity is highly stable against environmental variations. Having an integrated electronic driver, the switch is conveniently controllable by a low voltage with speed up to 150KHz. The high speed VOA can also be operated at a fixed 5MHz with full attenuation. With partial attenuation, the high speed VOA can be modulated up to 500KHz.

An evaluation/development kit including a driving circuit is available for these products.

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NS High Speed VOA
NS High Speed PM VOA
NS High Speed High Power VOA
NS High Speed High Power PM VOA
High Speed VOA Driver
NS High Speed BroadBand 1260-1650nm VOA
100kHz High Speed VOA Driver