Fiber Optical Polarization Components
Application Note
For more than 20 years, Agiltron engineering team has been designing, developing, and manufacturing fiberoptic polarization components. Agiltron provides a full line of polarization maintain and polarizing devices. These products can meet extensive application needs covering wavelength range from 550nm to 2000nm with various functionalities, such as PM isolator, PM coupler, PM circulator, PM Switch, PM VOA, Variable polarization differential delay, Polarization controller, and so on. Agiltron's high power PM devices, reduced core (RC) PM devices and low NA with large core PM devices have won favorable customer comment. We provide critical customer design experts to meet challenging applications in today's markets. With pilot lines located in Woburn, Massachusetts and facilities in Shenzhen, China, we offer short design cycle and most competitive production costs. Agiltron provides industrial quality and reliability with most of PM devices not only passed Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209 requirements, but also qualified for aerospace and out-space applications.

Fiber Optical Polarization Controller

High Speed Fiber Optical Polarization Scrambler
Optical Switches

LB 1x2 Fiber Optical Polarization Maintain
CL PM 1x2 Fiber Optical Switch
NS PM 1x1 Fiber Optical Switch
NS PM 1x2 Fiber Optical Switch
Fiber Optical Polarization Switch
CL 1x5 PM Reflection Fiber Optical Switch
(For Sensor and LIDAR applications)

MEMS PM Fiber Optical VOA
Dual VOA + PM Fiber Optical Splitter
High Power components

Nano Speed PM Fiber Optical VOA
1310/1550nm PM Single Stage Fiber Optical Isolator
1310/1550nm PM Dual Stage Fiber Optical Isolator
Nano Speed PM 1x1 Fiber Optical Switch
Nano Speed High Power PM 1x2 Fiber Optical Switch

TGG 850/980/1060nm PM Fiber Optical Isolator
BIG 1060nm PM Fiber Optical Isolator
TGG 850/980/1060nm PM Fiber Optical Circulator
BIG 1060nm PM Fiber Optical Circulator
1550 PM Fiber Optical Circulator
Fiber Optical WDMs/Couplers/Splitters

1x3 Fiber Optical PM broadband Splitter
RC (80 um) PM Fiber Optical Splitter/Coupler
Polarization Fiber Optical Beam Combiner/Splitter
PM Fiber Optical 1x2 2x2 Coupler
PM Fiber Optical 2x2 Coupler with RC Panda Fiber