Agiltron is an innovator and volume producer of disruptive photonic products that offer unsurpassed performance and cost benefits to our customers.   The Company manufactures components, modules, and subsystems for optical communication, sensor,  medical/environmental, instrumentation, and aerospace applications.

Fiber Optical Components
Agiltron leads the market in fiber optical switches, variable optical attenuators, high power fiber optical components, optical  polarization and time controllers. Largest selection in industry.
Fiber Optical Switch
Agiltron produces several series of optical switches that are optimized for different performance attributes.
Polarization Maintaining Fiber Splicer
Lowest cost compact permanent fiber splicer
Raman Spectrometers
Bench top, portable, SERS, Microscope integration.
GRIN Lens On Fiber
OCT probe, Mini collimators, High power fiberoptics.
Fiber Laser
Most competitive, Top quality, and Best Service.