Couplers, Filters, WDMs, Reflectors

Photonwares produces three series of that are optimized for different performance attributes.

  • Fused Couplers, Filters, WDMs

    Fused Couplers, Filters, WDMs (23)

  • Micro-Optic Filters, WDMs

    Micro-Optic Filters, WDMs (11)

  • PLC Splitters

    PLC Splitters (5)

    Agiltron's PLC splitters are based on planar lightwave circuit technology and high precision alignment. PLC splitters can split or combine light from one or two fibers into multi outgoing fibers uniformly over a wide spectral range with ultra-low insertion loss and low polarization dependent loss. Agiltron splitters are highly compact and offer excellent optical performance with high reliability. These splitters are fully compliant with Telcordia GR-1209/1221 and are guaranteed for performance in harsh environments.We currently offer configurations up to 2 x 64 in both individual parts and module versions.
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  • Reflectors

    Reflectors (2)

    Agiltron Fiber Mirror Reflector is designed to reflect light input backward through the fiber. They can be used to create a fiber interferometer or to build a low-power fiber laser. These retroreflectors are ideal for determining back reflection specifications for transmitters, amplifiers, and other devices.
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  • Variable Splitters

    Variable Splitters (2)