Fused Fiber Optical Couplers/Splitters

polarization maintain (PM), double cladding, 1x2, 2x2, 1x4,1x8, NxM, high power, WDM

Fused fiber optical couplers offer the attributes of low loss and high-power handling. We produce a wide range of fused couplers, offering industry-leading performance and reliability at competitive pricing. We also fabricate couplers with custom specifics. The following lists optic coupler according to fiber type, port count, wavelength band, polarization dependence, optical power handling, wavelength splitting.

Polarization Maintain (PM) Fiber Optic Couplers

Single Mode Fused Fiber Couplers

High Power Fiber Optical Couplers

PM Fiber Couplers/Splitters

Multimode Fused Fiber Couplers

Fused Fiber Optical WDM

Power Combiner

Plastic Fiber Splitters