CrystaLatch™ Mini 1×3,1×4 Solid State Optical Switch

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The CL Series 1×3,1×4 Mini fiber optical switch connects optical channels by redirecting an incoming optical signal into a selected output fiber. This is achieved using patented non-mechanical configurations and activated via an electrical control signal. Latching operation preserves the selected optical path after the drive signal has been removed. The all solid sate CL 1×3,1×4 fiberoptic switch features low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, high channel isolation, and extremely high reliability and repeatability. It is designed to meet the most demanding switching requirements of continuous operation without failure, longevity, operation under shock/vibration environment and large temperature variations, and fast response time.

The switch also has built-in circulator and isolator functions. Electronic driver is available for this series of switches.

  • Solid-State High Speed
  • Non-Mechanical
  • Ultra-High Reliability
  • Fail-Safe Latching
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Direct Low Voltage Drive
  • Compact
  • Low Cost
  • Optical Signal Routing
  • Network Protection/Restoration
  • Burst Switching
  • Configurable Add/Drop
  • Signal Monitoring
  • Instrumentation
CL Series 1×3, 1×4 Mini Switch Min Typical Max Unit
Operation Wavelength 1 1520   1550 1580 nm
  1295      1310         1325 nm
Insertion Loss 2 0.8 1.3 1.5 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss 0.1 0.25 dB
Cross Talk 40 45 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion 0.1 0.2 ps
Return Loss 2 50 dB
Switch Time (Rise, Fall) 5 50 200 µs
Repetition Rate 2K Hz
Durability 1011 cycle
Operating Temperature -53 70 oC
Optical Power 3    300 mW
Storage Temperature      -40        85       oC
Switch type Solid-Status Latching
Fiber Type                Corning SMF28
Package Dimension 42.0L x 20.0W x 7.8H mm
  1. Agiltron can achieve same SPEC at L band
  2. Measured without connectors
  3. Continuous operation, for pulse operation call.


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