Amplitude/Phaser Electro-Optical Modulator - No Resonance

(3mm aperture, 400nm to 2000nm, 20W, DC-MHz, need high voltage driver)
  • High Performance
  • Compact Package
  • Easy integration
  • Customize Available
  • Low cost

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Agiltron’s Free-space Electro-optic modulator(FEOM) is an easy-to-use tool to modify the phase, polarization, or amplitude of a free-space laser covering a wide wavelength range. For general applications, the device uses a pair of compensated LiNbO3 crystals. For high-power and short-wavelength applications, the device uses a special crystal pair to overcome LiNbO3 instability. The device should be driven by applying + – alternative high voltage to avoid internal charge build-up. We provide driving electronics with modulation spectrum ranges from DC to MHz range; the modulation depth is related to frequency due to limited amplification power.

Polarization cubes can be aligned and installed at both input and output ports to form an intensity modulator.


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