PbSe Amplified Detector

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PDAD - 1IP02300

PDAD series detector integrates a wide range of detector with an amplifier into compact packages. The low noise voltage amplifier is capable of driving 50 Ω loads. PDAD-1IP02300 has a 2x2mm active area lead Selenide (PbSe) detector that covers wavelength from 2 to 5μm.

  • New Automated Chemical Processing (ACP) produces higher yield at lower cost.
  • Extremely high reliability under extreme conditions.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Hermetically sealed package to completely eliminate humidity attack on detection area.
  • Wide range of electrical characteristics available.
  • Wide range of sizes available.
  • Immediate delivery.
  • Compact integrated filter/detector combinations.
  • 100% tested.
  • State of the art microelectronics fabrication capability.
  • Specializing in high density arrays.

Designed for use in quality and process control systems, IR spectroscopy, gas monitoring, imaging and thermography.

■ Specification 1×1 PbS
Operation wavelength25μm
Active area2×2 (other sizes are available)mm
D* (λpk, 600, 1)2×109cmHz1/2W-1
Peak sensitivity5×103V/W
Voltage Gain100x
Output Voltage±10V
Operation temperature1040
Storage temperature-2570
AC Power SupplyAC-DC Converter
Input Power5W
* Tested at 20℃±1℃, and huminity ≤80%



P/N: PBAD-201512000-1-1-1