Long Range Manual Tunable Fiber Optical Filters – Etalon-Based

  • Compact and Low Cost
  • Wide Tune Range
  • Wide Wavelength Coverage
  • Low IL and PDL




Based on a proprietary thin film cavity filter technology, we produce Fiber Optic Tunable Filters with central wavelengths of 1060nm to 2050nm having a long tuning range over 120nm. Other center wavelength can also be made.  This is achieved by combining two tunable filters and two wavelength independent optical switches. The wavelength tuning is made by manually rotating two precise micrometers; one at a time and selected by a push button toggle switch. Our unique low insertion loss design presents a cost-effective solution for long range fiber tunable filter.


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Parameter Min Typical Max Unit
Wavelength  Coverage                       1020-1080, 1450-1580,  1510-1640,   1950-2080 nm
Tuning Resolution 0.1 nm
Insertion Loss [2] 2 2.6 4 dB
Bandwidth @-3dB 1 1.2 nm
Bandwidth @-20dB 10 nm
Off-Band Suppression 30 dB
PDL (SM fiber only) 0.15 0.35 dB
PMD (SM fiber only) 0.5 ps
Extinction Ratio (PM fiber only) 18 23 dB
Return Loss 40 dB
Optical Power Handling


Standard version 0.5 W
High power version 3 W
Operating Temperature 0 20 60 °C
Storage Temperature -10 70 °C