MEMS 1×2 Reflective Non-latching SM Optical Switch

The MEMS 1×2 Mini Fiberoptic switch connects optical channels by redirecting incoming optical signals into selected output fibers. This is achieved using a proprietary MEMS configuration and activated via an electrical control signal. It uniquely features rugged thermal activated micro-mirror, moving-in and -out optical paths instead of rotating mirror. This novel design significantly simplify the control electronics, offering unprecedented high stability, ultra compact dimension and an unmatched low cost .

♦ High Reliability

♦ Intrinsic tolerance to ESD

♦ Channel Routing

♦ Configurable Add/Drop

♦ System Monitoring

♦ Instrumentation

 MEMS Mini 1×2 Switch      MinTypicalMaxUnit
Operation WavelengthSingle Band  1260~1360 or 1510~1610nm
Dual Band     1260~1360 and 1510~1610
Broad Band  1260~1620
Insertion Loss [1]0.61.0dB
Wavelength Dependent Loss0.2    0.3 [2]dB
Polarization Dependent Loss        0.1dB
Return Loss [1]50dB
Cross Talk [1]50dB
Switching Time10ms
Repeatability                                                 ±0.05dB
Repetition Rate                                                   20       Hz
Durability         109Cycle
Switching TypeNon-Latching
Operating Temperature-570oC
Storage Temperature-4085oC
Optical Power Handling300500mW
Fiber Type                          SMF-28 [3]

[1]. Excluding connectors.

[2]. DW: Dual band and Broad band.

[3]. Please contact us for other SM fiber version


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