MEMS Design and Fabrication Services

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Cost and Fast Delivery Advantage

Agiltron has been producing MEMS devices for over 17 years.  With our in-house 6” wafer fab, Agiltron provides a better cost and faster delivery advantage than other MEMS foundries.

Agiltron will take on your MEMS project and bring it to production, whether it is a mature product or a concept.  We have strong experience commercializing MEMS devices, provide full service from design, prototyping, production, packaging, testing, assembly, and reliability qualification.

MEMS Device Expertise

Our core competences are in large motion (>200 mm movement) MEMS, thermal actuation, wafer to wafer bindings including silicon to glass, silicon to silicon, device to holder, optical MEMS, image-based wafer level motion testing, and fiber attachments.


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Process (4 Base)

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Au Metallization 6″ wafer (1200 Å)

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