MEMS Multimode Variable Optical Attenuator Integrated With Input Tap

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(integrated out tap, 850nm, 1000nm)

The MEMS Series Multimode VOA is based on a micro-electro-mechanical mechanism featuring integrated compact design, simple construction, easy direct drive, and excellent optical performance of ultra low insertion loss, low PDL, and broad wavelength operation range. The VOA integrated with input tap power monitor is able to monitor the input power and adjust the attenuation to control the output power. The MM series VOA is designed for multimode fiber application. The MM series VOA is available in either normally-open or normally-closed configurations and with an integrated input tap option. The VOA is driven by applying an electrical voltage


  • VOA + Tap
  • Compact Size
  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability
  • Low IL, PDL, WDL and TDL
  • Direct Low Voltage Drive


  • Power Control
  • Power Regulation
  • Channel Balance
  • Instrumentation


 Insertion Loss10.60.8dB
 Polarization Dependent Loss20.20.5dB
 Wavelength Dependence Loss3,40.40.7dB
 Attenuation Range253035dB
 Attenuation ResolutionContinuous
 Polarization Mode Dispersion20.0050.010.05ps
 Return Loss2025dB
 Response Time36ms
 Tap Response @ 850nm51015mA/W
 Tap DirectivityNA/20dB
 Tap Wavelength Dependence Response0.010.020.04dB/nm
 Tap Temperature Dependence Response0.01dB/°C
 Dark Current for PD5nA
 Dark Current for APD0.05nA
 3dB Bandwidth (cutoff frequency)1MHz
Tap Capacitance for PD1.5pF
Tap Capacitance for APD15pF
 Storage Temperature-4085oC
ReliabilityTelcordia 1209 and 1221
Package Dimension5F6.1 X 35.2mm



  1. Without connector and in room temperature
  2. At attenuation equal or less than 20dB
  3. At 0dB attenuation and in whole temperature range
  4. Within 30nm Bandwidth
  5. Length can be shorter (minimum=25mm)
P/N: 0-10