1310/1550nm Mini PM Optical Circulator

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Ø 3.8 x L 34 mm

The OC Series 1310/1550 PM Optical Circulator is a non-reciprocal device that maintains polarization while redirecting light at 1310/1550 nm from port-to-port in only one direction while minimizing back reflection and back scattering in the reverse direction. Employing Agiltron’s advanced micro optics design, it features low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, high isolation, compact package, and high stability. The excellent characteristics of this product make it an ideal choice for application in fiber amplifier systems, pump lasers, and optical fiber sensors.

· Low Insertion Loss
· High Extinction Ratio
· High Channel Isolation
· Compact Package
· High Reliability & Stability
· Cost Effective
· Optical Fiber Amplifier
· Metropolitan Area Network
· Fiber Optic Sensor
· Dispersion Compensation
· Test and Measurement
· Instrumentation
 OC Series PM 1550 Circulator MinTypicalMaxUnit
Operation Wavelength1310±15,  C-Band or L-Bandnm
Insertion Loss1 @lop, Top, SOP  (1→2, 23) 0.71.0dB
Channel Isolation2 (21, 32)4045dB
Wavelength  Dependent Loss0.15dB
Extinction Ratio1822dB
Directivity (13)>   50dB
Return Loss1>   50dB
Polarization AlignmentSlow Axis
Optical Power HandlingMaximum: 500mW
Tensile LoadMaximum: 5N
Operating Temperature Range0  ~ 75oC
Storage Temperature-40 ~ 85oC
Fiber TypePanda PM 1550
Fiber Length> 1m
Package DimensionØ 3.8 x L 34mm

 1 Excluding connectors

  2 @lop, Top, SOP

  3Fast axis alignment available


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