NanoSpeed™ Fiber Optical Q-Switch 4ns Rise

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400 to 2000nm, high optical power

⚫ Fast Rise Time < 4ns
⚫ Low Optical Loss < 1dB
⚫ High Optical Power ~20W CW
⚫ Broad Wavelength 400nm to 2000nm
⚫ High Reliability
⚫ Low Cost

The NanoSpeedTM (NS) fiber-coupled modulators /Q-switches provide a superior solution for amplitude modulation of fiber lasers, directly controlling the timing, intensity, and temporal shape of the laser output. The NS modulators offers highly advantageous attributes of ultra-low insertion loss of below 1dB, ultra-fast transition time as low as 4ns, high optical power handling up to 20W CW, low power consumption, wide operation wavelength from UV to infrared, excellent stability, and low cost. They are available in a wide range of fiber configurations, including polarization maintaining (PM) , non-PM, double cladding, small core. Due to low coupling loss, the NS modulators provide an intrinsic high-power handling device platform. In comparison with acousto-optic modulators, the electro-optical NS modulators generate little heat, thus are more reliable. The NS modulator series of products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of continuous operations over 25 years in a mill-spec qualified ruggedized miniature package, ideal for ease of integration into all-fiber and OEM systems, including laser marking, medical laser systems, and defense systems.

The NS Series modulator is controlled by 5V TTL signals with a specially designed electronic driver having performance optimized for various repetition rate.