Plug-Type Fixed Attenuator

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Agiltron's Single Mode Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuators allow one to attenuate an optical signal easily by plugging an PC/APC-terminated fiber directly into the back end of the attenuator connector. The input of the attenuator has a 2.2 mm wide key female connector, making it compatible with both narrow key and wide key male connectors. The output of the attenuator has a 2.0 mm narrow key male connector (either FC, SC, or APC). These single mode attenuators are made with polarization-insensitive doped fiber to achieve the specified attenuation over the operating wavelength range (1240 – 1620 nm).

♦ High Precision Attenuation(±0.5dB for P Grade)
♦ Low Wavelengh Dependency (0.5 dB typ. at 10dB, 1480~1620nm)
♦ Wide PGR-326 End Face Geometry
♦ High Power Durability

♦ High Power Networks

Parameter Specifications
P Grade A Grade
Connector FC/SC/LC
Polishing Type PC/APC
Attenuation Level 1-9dB;10-20dB 1-9dB;10-20dB
Attenuation Tolerance ± 0.5dB(1-10dB); ± 5%(11-20dB) ± 1.0dB(1-10dB); ± 10%(11-20dB)
Return Loss (dB)* ≤ -50dB(PC); ≤-60dB(APC)
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤ 0.5dB; ≤ 0.1dB(typ.)
Operating Temperature -20 to +70°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +80°C
Fiber Type Corning singlemode SMF-28
Connector Type Custom specified
Dimension(mm) Please see drawings
P/N: N/A