Solid State Variable Photonic Time Delay Module

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The SSTD Series Photonic Time Delay Module selectively routes optical signals through N fiber segments whose lengths increase successively by a power of 2. The module therefore provides N bit resolution of digitally variable time delay with a maximum delay time defined by customer. This is achieved using a patented non-mechanical optical switching configuration and activated via an electrical control signal. Latching operation preserves the selected optical path after the drive signal has been removed. The solid-state configuration eliminates the need for mechanical movement and organic materials. The module has an input fiber and an out fiber.  Front panel LEDs indicates the chosen fiber loops in each operation state. PM and high power versions are also available.

  • High Resolution
  • High Speed
  • Large Time Delay Range
  • High Reliability
  • Fail-Safe Latching
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Phase-Array Antennas
  • Instrumentation
SSTD Series Photonic Delay LineMinTypicalMaxUnit
Wavelength band   15201550    1580nm
Insertion Loss[1]4.04.5dB
Cross Talk     2228dB
Switching Time(fall, rise)50200µs
Repetition Rate1KHz
Delay Time Rangenms
Polarization Dependent Loss0.250.45dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion0.10.2ps
Return Loss5055dB
Operating Temperature060oC
Optical Power Handling    400mW
Storage Temperature-4085oC
Fiber TypeCorning SMF-28
Package Dimension[2](L)480x(W)340X(H)43mm
Note:[1].For 4 bits.[2]. Only for time delay < 1 µs.
P/N: N/A