MEMS Square Package VOA

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The MEMS Series highly stable VOA is based on a specially designed micro-electro-mechanical mechanism featuring high reliability, low drift, easy direct drive, and excellent optical performance. The MEMS Series highly stable VOA exceeds the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability standards. The VOA is available in either normally-open and normally-dark configurations.

The VOA is driven by directly applying an electrical voltage. The improved stability makes it suitable for EDFA, line cards etc applications.

  • Compact
  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability
  • Low IL, PDL, WDL & TDL
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Power Control
  • Power Regulate
  • Channel Balance
  • Instrumentation
 etMEMSTM Series highly stable VOA MinMaxUnit
Attenuation TypeBright/Opaque
Wavelength Range12601620nm
Attenuation Range20dB
Insertion Loss[1]Begin of life0.8dB
End of life1.0
Wavelength Dependent Loss[2]Flatness0.3dB
Temperature Dependent Attenuation[4]at IL-0.20.2dB
<=10dB attenuation-0.50.5
<=20dB attenuation-0.80.8
<=30dB attenuation
Polarization Dependent Loss[5]0 to 10dB attenuation-0.10.1dB
10 to 20dB attenuation-0.20.2
20 to 30dB attenuation
Return Loss[6]-50dB
Optical Power Capability[8]20dBm
Fiber colorInput: red; Output: clear

1. This loss is measured at room temperature and entire wavelength range but no connector.

2. The IL is set as 20 dB and measured the IL variation in wavelength range of 1525-1570nm.

3. Ripple is defined as the high frequency and small peaks from its average value.

4. TDA is the relative variation when temperature changed from room temperature

to 75 °C or from room temperature to -5 °C.

5. The PDL is measured at different attenuation setting such as 10 dB or 20 dB.

6. The return loss is measure at both In and Out ports when the device is set  to 25dB attenuation

7. It is defined as under same optical and electrical setting then repeat set the same controlling voltage, the corresponded attenuation variation.

8.It is defined for continuous wave, CW, power handling capability.



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