etMEMS™ Straight Multimode Variable Optical Attenuator

The etMEMS™ Series variable optical attenuator (VOA) is based on a proprietary MEMS design, offering many desirable features.  The MEMS shutter is capable of totally blocking the light, providing exceptionally large extinction.  It has no optical coating or lens, enabling broad wavelength operation, as well as high power capability.  This device is also low cost.

The VOA is driven with an electrical current at low voltage, and the attenuation can be continuously adjusted with the applied current or voltage. The silicon MEMS device is highly reliable with longevity.  However, it can be damaged by applying voltage over the threshold.

  • Compact
  • Broad-Band
  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability
  • Low IL, PDL, WDL & TDL
  • Low Power Consumption


  • Power Control
  • Power Regulate
  • Channel Balance
  • Instrumentation


etMEMSTM MM Series VOAMinTypicalMaxUnit
 Operation Wavelength3502050nm
 Insertion Loss[1]1.51.8dB
 Wavelength Dependent Loss[2]0.6dB
  Temperature Dependent Loss[3]0.2dB
Attenuation Range35dB
Attenuation ResolutionContinuous
Return Loss>20dB
Response Time       10ms
Driving Voltage4.55.2 [4]V
Device Electrical Resistance100ohm
Optical Power Handling[5]500mW
Operating Temperature-1075oC
Storage Temperature-4085oC
Fiber Type50/125, 62.5/125 MM fiber
Package Dimension22×5.6×6mm


[1]. CPR<15, wavelength of 1550 nm, at room temperature, without connectors

[2]. At attenuation of 20dB or less

[3]. At 0 attenuation and at whole temperature range

[4]. Over this value will damage the device

[5]. High power version also available

[6]. Current control version is available

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