Agiltron Inc. is a 100% USA-owned high-tech manufacturer and developer of new material platform-based components and systems. We lead the market in all optical switches, variable optical attenuators, high-power optical components, optical polarization and time controls, PbS/PbSe infrared detectors, fiber lasers, novel MEMS devices, and Raman spectrometers. These products are protected by over 40 issued or pending US patents. Headquartered north of Boston, the company is comprised of a world-class team of serial entrepreneurs and veteran engineers, making innovations for high-growth markets. We have been perfecting optical devices for over 25 years. Focusing on top-quality research, engineering, volume manufacturing, and best-in-class technologies are the cornerstones that enable advantageous product offerings.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing spans advanced micro-fabrication, precision mass assemblies, and intelligent control electronics/firmware, creating an extensive range of product offerings.

With state-of-the-art US micro-fabrication and photonic manufacturing facilities, Agiltron is volume producing the industry’s most price-competitive/highest performance photonic components for a wide range of industries, including Datacom, Telecom, Aerospace, Instrumentation, and R&D. We strive to provide the markets with differentiated products of industry-leading performance and value.

Our industry experience results in the unique ability to deliver unmatched solutions combined with cost-effective manufacturing. Based on revolutionary and patented technology platforms, we enable our customers to achieve higher system performance and lower cost. We deliver tomorrow’s optical solutions today.

Agiltron proudly manufactures industry-leading products in the US.