Address: 15 Presidential Way, Woburn, MA  01801

Location: 20 miles North of Boston near exit 37C off Route 93 (near cross to Route 95). Directions: Take Exit 37C off Route 93, turn right at the first traffic light onto Presidential Way, continue on about 0.3 miles, and turn left onto Company parking lot (building shared with LaserCraze).
Agiltron is approximately 1 mile South of the Transportation Center off of Commerce Way, connecting bus to Logan Airport (see below) and train to Boston. We provide pick up for visitors.

Bus From Airport: Agiltron can be conveniently accessed from Boston’s Logan Airport via a direct bus.

1. Upon arrival at Boston’s Logan Airport proceed to the Baggage / Ground Transportation Area on the ground level.

2. Proceed outside and look for the signs for “Boston Logan Express” on the pole at the curb.

3. Wait for the “Woburn” bus with distinctive GREEN color and white words “Boston Logan Express Woburn printed on the side. On the front marquee of the bus “Woburn” will appear as the destination.

4. The schedule for pickups from Logan to Woburn is every half hour on week days and every hour on weekends.

5. You will purchase a ticket when you arrive in Woburn, an agent will board the bus and collect the fare. When traveling from Woburn to the airport, tickets are purchased at the ticket counter before boarding the bus.

6. Travel time from Logan to Agiltron is approximately 35 minutes even in rush hour.