Optical Splitters/Couplers

We offer an extensive selection of fiber optic couplers/splitters based on three fabrication methods: fusion, waveguide (PLC) , and micro-optics. Fusion features the lowest loss(0.3dB) and the highest optical power handling, having wavelength bandwidth +-40nm. Planar lightwave circuit-PLC has advantages of broad wavelength operation (+-200nm) and large fiber count (1×64) in a compact package with coupling loss ~ 1dB. Miro-optic provides electrically variable splitting ratio flexibility. These fiber optical splitters/couplers are available with all types of fiber including of single-mode (SM), multimode (MM), and polarization-maintaining fiber (PM), and double-clad fiber (DC). We produce premium grade couplers/splitters with hard to obtain performance specifications, maintaining an in-house USA production facility.