Fiber Splitters/Couplers

We offer an extensive selection of fiber optic couplers/splitters based on three fabrication methods: fusion, micro-optics, and waveguide (PLC). Fusion features the lowest loss (0.3dB) and the highest optical power handling, having wavelength bandwidth typically ±40nm. Miro-optic overcomes fused coupler shortcomings to achieve ultra-broad wavelength bandwidth ±200nm, high polarization extinction ratio >26dB, and good temperature stability. The micro-optic platform’s flexibility enables further filter and polarizer integration in the package in a cost-effective way. Planar Lightwave circuit (PLC) has the advantages of a large fiber port count in a compact size and broad wavelength bandwidth (±200nm). However, PLC has a higher fiber coupling loss of ~ 1dB and poor optical power handling due to organic epoxy in the light path. We produce premium grade couplers/splitters with hard-to-obtain performance specifications, maintaining an in-house USA production facility. These fiber optical splitters/couplers are available with all types of fiber, including single-mode (SM), multimode (MM), polarization-maintaining fiber (PM), and double-clad fiber (DC) from wavelength 400nm to 2000nm, optical power up to 100W, and operating temperatures up to 300°C. We also produce couplers/splitters with electrically variable ratios.

Note: Fiber couplers efficiently split an input light into multiple outputs. However, fiber optical couplers are not suited to combine multiple beams into one since, at each splitting point, half of the light will be lost. Multiple beams can be combined by utilizing their differences in wavelength, polarization, or beam size.