High Power Shortwave Large Aperture Free Space Electro-Optical Modulators

(300nm to 2 μm, 2mm to 9mm aperture, up to kW optical power)

Passing shortwave or high optical power light through an electro-optical crystal generates charge build-up and photorefractive defects, which degrade the electro-optical effects. We offer two families of Pockels cells using crystals of the highest purity and most optically stable atomic structures. Rubidium titanyle phosphate (RTP) is the best electro-optical material known to date, offering benefits such as high optical damage threshold, short wavelength capability, low driving voltage, fast modulation rates, minimal piezoelectric effect, and exceptional stability. Our RTP Pockels cells are made using a matched pair of crystals to counteract RTP’s index refraction thermal drift, enhancing the device’s reliability and effectiveness. RTP Pockels cells have the electric field applied perpendicular to the direction of the light path. On the other hand, KD*P-based Pockels cells are a cost-effective solution for general applications. Since KD*P Pockels cells have the electric field applied along the direction of the light path, they need higher driving voltage than RTP Pockels cells. We provide electronic drivers to meet various applications. For volume order discounts or technical questions, contact 

RTP Pockels Cell


KD*P Pockels Cell