Optical Racks

Customized, Turnkey Solutions for Optical Technologies Systems; Full Service From Concept to Serial Production
We offer the development and production of customized optical systems and subsystems in a convenient, modular rack format. The spectrum ranges from the combination and integration of optical and fiberoptic components to the installation of lasers and beams delivery up to the creation of complex control (hardware and software), including thermal management solution

Concept: Review of Customer Application; Discussion of Target Parameters
We support the concept design by reviewing the customer’s application and discussing the target parameters.

Schematics: Selection of Key Components; Review of Engineering Needs; Development of SOW, Quotation & Order
Our team of optics experts and electrical control engineers then creates block diagrams and other schematics, selects suitable key components, and takes into account all engineering needs, even beyond system integration.

BOM Creation: Development of Bill of Material; Development & Design of Customized Components & Subassemblies; Documentation and Revision Control of Design
Once the statement of work has been finalized, we generate a Bill of Material (BOM), define and develop custom components and sub-assemblies, and manage design documentation and revision control.

Drawings: Physical Layout of System-level Designs; Simulation & Modeling of System-level Designs; Systems Integration; Realization of Entire Design Projects; Review With Customer
Using modern design and CAD software, the specialists in the AMS Technologies team then produce the physical layout of the design at the system level, including simulation and modeling – the whole process is strictly customer-centric, with close involvement of the customer in the entire process.

Turnkey Solution: Supply Chain Management for All Components; Assembly & Test of Optical Rack; Installation, Documentation & Training; Maintenance & Service Options
Once the final design has been approved, the optical rack is assembled and tested and, if necessary, installed in the customer’s system. For series production in small to medium quantities, we take care of the supply chain management for all components, generate comprehensive documentation, and offer training, maintenance, and service options.

We are happy to realize an optical rack that covers your specific requirements and is optimally tailored to your application. Contact us and discuss your customized optical rack today!