Photonwares Introduces an Ultra-fast Optical Switch with Extended Operating Wavelength from 400nm to 2µm

Woburn, MA, May 22, 2019 – Photonwares Co., a leading provider of high-speed optical devices expands its NanoSpeed™ ultra-fast fiber optical switch/VOA family with extended wavelength coverage from 400 nm to 2 micron. The switching speed is faster than 100ns with repetition rate up to 1MHz.  High optical power up to 5W is also available.

Photonwares’ NanoSpeed™ switch is based on a patented solid-state, electro-optical platform, uniquely featuring low insertion loss, compact size, and high reliability with full telecom and space qualifications.  This family of switch/VOA has been in production for over 17 years.  The improved version with extended wavelength coverage will further broaden the applications.

About Photonwares

Photonwares is the world’s leading supplier of optical switches, optical attenuators, optical tunable filters, high optical power components, and fiber monitors. For over twenty years, we have been providing and delivering world-class fiber optical component solutions that enable and enhance our customers’ product offerings. Photonwares is a US-owned company located in metropolitan Boston.