RTP Pockels Cell

  • Large nonlinear coef.
  • High repetition rate
  • Low half-wage voltage
  • No piezoelectric ringing
  • High damage threshold
  • High extinction ratio
  • Non-hygroscopic

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Agiltron’s Pockels Cells rapidly and precisely control the laser output polarization direction as a function of applied voltage. They function as voltage-controlled wave plates. The Pockels cell is an electro-optic device in which the crystal produces linear changes in the birefringence of the crystal (in contrast to the Kerr Effect, which is quadratic with E). Pockels cells are essential components in various optical devices such as Q-switches for lasers, free space electro-optical modulators, free space switches.   Our Pockels cells incorporate wedged windows to ensure 0° offset and to minimize back reflections.


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