Variable Optical Delay Line - Motor Driven

0 to 2100ps, SM, MM, PM
  • Single piece with USB interface
  • Wide delay range up to 2100ps
  • All wavelength
  • Low Cost
  • User-Friendly GUI (no manual needed)

Click 'Spec Sheet' for available configurations/part#


The MDTD Series Motor-driven Variable Optical Fiber Delay Lines provide precision optical delays of up to 2100 ps. It is a turn-key unit, coming with a wall plug power supply, a computer interface USB cable, and a user-friendly GUI software. The simple design consists of two fiber collimators and a movable reflector controlled by a precision step motor. Light from an input fiber collimator projects into free space and is collected by an output fiber collimator. The distance the light travels in free space is varied by a precision stage.

The device is conveniently controlled by a computer via a USB cable interface. A graphic control software is provided.


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