Optical Isolators / Circulators

Agiltron uniquely offers a wide range of optical isolators and circulators covering a broad spectrum range with high power handling capability.

  • 550nm to 1060nm Isolators/Circulators

    550nm to 1060nm Isolators/Circulators (14)

    Photonwares produces industrial leading short wavelength fiberoptic isolators and circulators, covering a wide operation wavelength from 520nm to 1100nm. Based on a proprietary fiber inline beam shaping technology, we offer a large variety of configurations featuring exceptionally low loss and high power handling. While devices using TGG Faraday are optimized for performance, devices use BIG material have relatively higher insertion loss but compact size and low cost. Standard isolator/circulator configurations include: free space, polarization maintain fiber, and high optical power with wavelength centered at 780nm, 850nm, 980nm, and 1060nm. Devices operating on other wavelengths and coupling to other types of fibers are available through special order.
  • 1300nm to 1700nm Isolators/Circulators

    1300nm to 1700nm Isolators/Circulators (29)

    Photonwares produces premium grade optical isolators and circulators feature excellent optical performance. They are available in a variety of port configurations from 2 to 4 and fiber types covering SM, MM, PM, and RCA. Using a unique thermal expansion fiber core technology, we also offer high power versions that can sustain up to 10 W.
  • 2000nm Isolators/Circulators

    2000nm Isolators/Circulators (4)