Compact Free Space Electro-Optical Modulator

Our Electro-optic modulators are based on a special crystal that has less piezo-effect and low charge migration than the traditional Mg doped Lithium Niobate crystals, resulting in clean response with less ringing, more efficient with less power consumption, the ability to work at shorter wavelength and higher optical power.  We produce two versions: resonant and direct driving.  Both modify the phase, polarization or amplitude of a free-space laser:  The resonant modulator drastically reduces driving voltage so that it can be driven by a laboratory function generator.   Each device uniquely has three fixed resonance frequencies of 1MHz, 15MHz, and 30MHz that can be manually select via a toggle switch.  Our resonance electro-optic modulator is a cost effective and convenient device for testing applications.    Custom frequencies up to 100MHz are also available.   Another version is direct driving modulator that can be operated from DC to high frequencies.   However, it needs a high voltage driver which determines its performance.   We produce a high-voltage driver.  Customer can use drivers from other manufacturers.

  • 3 mm Aperture
  • Wide Operation Wavelength 450 to 1550 nm
  • High Optical Power Handling
  • Low Driving Voltage ~12V (resonance)
  • One Device with Three Frequencies To Select (1, 15, 30MHz)
  • High Repetition Rate Up to 100MHz (Resonance)
  • Broadband DC to 1MHz (non-Resonance)
  • Fiber Coupled Available
  • Customization Available