Amplitude/Phaser Electro-Optical Modulator - Single Resonance

(3mm aperture, 450~1550nm, fixed 20MHz, ±12V signal driving)
  • High Performance
  • Compact Package
  • Easy integration
  • Customize Available
  • Low cost

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Our Free-space Electro-optic modulator (FEOM) in the resonant frequency is a electro-optical crystal based modulator which efficiently modify the phase, polarization or amplitude of a free-space laser. It is designed to be operated at a fixed frequency with narrow bandwidth. The resonance frequencies can be selected from 5 to 100 MHz. This resonant modulator can be conveniently driven by a standard laboratory function generator at the resonance frequency.
Custom versions are also available, with user-specified resonant frequencies from 10 to 100 MHz and a variety of optical AR coatings. Our unique design minimum piezo-effect and charge building-up.
The response is a sinusoidal wave shape for resonance devices.


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