We make best-in-class optic/electro-optic products based on over 20 years of intensive R&D. We strive to provide high-quality premium product solutions with unmatched value. Our product offerings are vertical, from components, modules, and subsystems to turn-key systems for sensing, security, data storage, communication, instrumentation, medical, environmental, undersea, defense, and space applications. We warranty our products against defects in materials and workmanship for up to ten years.

  • Optical Switches

    Optical Switches

  • Optical Variable Attenuators

    Optical Variable Attenuators

  • Optical Modulators

    Optical Modulators

  • Fiber Splitters/Couplers

    Fiber Splitters/Couplers

  • Optical Isolators / Circulators

    Optical Isolators/Circulators

  • Optical Tunable Filters

    Optical Tunable Filters

  • Optical / RF Delay Lines

    Optical / RF Delay Lines

  • Lasers


  • Photodetectors


  • Fiber Optical Amplifiers EDFA

    Fiber Optical Amplifiers EDFA

  • Optical Electric Field Sensors

    Optical Electric Field Sensors

  • Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (DWDM)

    Wavelength-Division Multiplexing

  • Polarization Management

    Polarization Management

  • RF Over Fiber Link

    RF Over Fiber Link

  • Optical Instruments

    Optical Instruments

  • Fiber Connectors/Cables

    Fiber Connectors/Cables

  • Fiber Collimator

    Fiber Collimator

  • Fiber Optical Splicers

    Fiber Splicers

  • High Power UV Lights

    High Power UV Lights

  • Spectrometers


  • Fiber Optical Grating (FBG)

    Fiber Optical Grating (FBG)

  • High Power Fiber Optical Components

    High Power Fiber Optical Components

  • USB Motorized Linear Stages

    USB Motorized Linear Stages

  • Fiber Optical Reflectors

    Fiber Optical Reflectors

  • MEMS Foundry Service

    MEMS Foundry Service

  • RF/Microwave Matrix Switch

    RF/Microwave Matrix Switch

  • Fiber Optic Communication Data Links

    Fiber Optic Communication Data Links