High Power Fiber Optical Components

Photonwares has perfected a proprietary in-fiber beam expansion technique that enable us to convert all Photonwares’ fiberoptic devices to handle high optical power up to 10W in CW operation and KW in pulse mode. Photonwares is also producing fiber optic collimator with power handling up to 100W CW. Photonwares makes custom high power devices.

Fiber Cladding Power Stripper With Internal Liquid Cooling

Fiber Mode Field Adapters

Fiber Inline Polarizer

High Power Fiber Optic Collimators

High Power Fiber Optic Connectors

High Power Lens on Fiber Collimators

High Power Fiber Optical Couplers

High Power Fiber Optical Circulators

High Power Fiber Optical Isolator

High Power Fiber Optic Switches