Fiber End Cap

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(for high power applications)

The end-capped fiber increases its power handling by reducing the laser power density to a level below the damage threshold through modification at the fiber end. Photonwares has developed a manufacturable fiber fusion process to integrate a coreless end-cap to the end face of optical fibers and precisely fiber polishing process to control the end cap length and surface quality. This end cap technology that expands laser beam inside the fiber is designed for output termination of high power fiber laser and fiber amplifier but it also a pigtail process to produce high power fiber collimators.

  • Low Loss
  • High Optical Efficiency
  • Low Internal Reflection
  • Low Distortion
  • Low Cost
  • Fiber lasers and amplifiers
  • Fiber Collimator
  • Optical System
  • Optical Coupling
1End core diameter530µm
2Fiber diameter80280µm
3End cap length3002000µm
4End cap diameter125250µm
5Facet angle012Deg
6Insertion loss0.10.3dB
7Return loss50dB
8Output beam M21.5
P/N: N/A