Optical Fiber End Cap

  • Low Loss
  • High Optical Efficiency
  • Low Internal Reflection
  • Low Distortion
  • Low Cost

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Photonwares’s optical fiber end cap can much reduce the power density at the interface between fiber and air offering much higher transmitted power from fiber cores in a miniature format. Based on Photonwares’s beam shaping technology, a high quality end cap is uniquely formed directly at the fiber tip that transmitting uniformly beam spot.

Besides, a mode stripping technique is incorporated into the fiber end cap to clean up the forward and backward cladding light.


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Parameters Min Typical Max Unit
1 End core diameter 5 30 µm
2 Fiber diameter 80 280 µm
3 End cap length 300 2000 µm
4 End cap diameter 125 250 µm
5 Facet angle 0 12 Deg
6 Insertion loss 0.1 0.3 dB
7 Return loss 50 dB
8 Output beam M2 1.5