High Power Fiber Optic Collimator

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(1KW CW, SM, LMA, DCD, PM Fibers)

Agiltron’s high power Fiber Collimators are fabricated with Agiltron’s proprietary high power handling process and proven advanced end-cap design, it features low insertion loss, large beam size, long work distance, and high stability.

Agiltron can provide customized beam size for a wide choice of the operating wavelength.

(1KW CW, SM, LMA, DCD, PM Fibers)

  • High Power Handling
  • High Isolation
  • High Reliability
  • Low IL, PDL & TDL
  • Cost Effective
  • Laser Pump Source
  • Optical Fiber Amplifier
  • Laser Manufacturing
  • laser Marking
High Power Collimator Min Typical Max Unit
Operating Wavelength (λc) 500-2000 nm
Power Handling 1000 W
Insertion Loss 0.4 0.6 dB
Return Loss[1] 50 dB
Divergence[2] 0.4 0.6 mrad
Extinction Ratio[3] 25 50 dB
Beam Roundness 90 %
M2* 1.2
Beam Diameter 1-5 mm
Operating Temperature 0 +70 ºC
Storage Temperature -40 +85 ºC
Package Dimension Φ30×50 mm

[1] For LMA fiber or double cladding fiber, return loss may be higher.

[2] Divergence depends on beam size.

[3] For PM fiber.

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