Polarization-Maintaining Fiber V-Groove

(SM, PM, 1xN, 10W, 20W, 30W)
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  • Low Loss
  • High Reliability

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The PM V-Groove arrays are mass produced to be incorporated in various  photonic devices, particularly for high speed 40 Gb/s to next generation 100 Gb/s coherent detection systems. The  arrays  are  manufactured  using  Pyrex V-Groove substrates in conjunction with a Pyrex lid or precision  silicon  wafer  V-Groove, enabling sub-micron alignment accuracy with UV cure attachment capabilities.  We offer V-Groove array assemblies available with polarization maintaining (PM) fibers or different types of fibers assembled  into  a  single  array.  Standard  PM  arrays  are  manufactured  with  the  polarization  axis  (stress  rods) aligned  vertical  to  the  V-Groove  base  within  3°.   High  grade  assemblies  with  one  to  eight channels can be provided with the stress rods aligned to 1°.  Arrays can also be provided with the fibers aligned parallel to the base, alternating axes or at custom angles. When supplied with a breakout and connectors, the alignment of the connector is also to the slow axis, within 3° for standard connectors or available to within 1.5° for high grade connectors.

V-Groove array assemblies can be manufactured with a hermetic feedthrough attached.  This enables  the  development  of  multichannel  photonic  devices  capable  of  meeting  Telcordia requirements.  Fiber breakouts can also be added, to convert ribbonized fibers into separated fibers, capable of being connectorized.


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