High Power NxM Fiber Optical Coupler

(SM, PM, 1xN, 10W, 20W, 30W)
  • Low Loss
  • High Reliability

For a fast quote, select part# on the datasheet. If a particular feature is not on, NRE charge is often required


Agiltron’s fiber couplers are used to split or combine light with minimal optical loss from one to multiple fibers.  These components are manufactured using the fused biconical taper process on fully software-controlled automatic fabrication stations. The process consists of placing two or more fibers adjacent to each other, then fusing and stretching them to create a central coupling region. These couplers are packaged in a thermal expansion matching silica substrate, providing exceptional mechanical and environmental stability.

Our high-power series of fiber optical couplers are tested over 10W CW.  With additional heat sink packaging, we offer couplers up to 40W CW.  Various configurations of NxM in SM, PM, and MM are available in a  metal box by cascading 2×2.  We further offer beam-expanded high-power fiber optical connectors.


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