LightBend™ Full 2×2 High Power Optical Switch

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The LB series Full 2×2 High Power fiber optic switch is a polarization-maintaining fiber switch, which connects optical channels by directing or blocking an incoming optical signal into the output fiber. This is achieved using a patent pending opto-mechanical configuration and achieved via an electrical control signal. A latching version preserves the selected optical path after the drive signal has been removed, while the nonlatching version defaults to either the open or close state when power is removed. The switch has integrated electrical position sensors. The new material-based advanced design significantly reduces moving part position sensitivity, offering unprecedented high stability as well as an unmatched low cost. Electronic driver is available for this series of switches. The switch is bidirectional

♦ Low Optical Distortions
♦ High Isolation
♦ High Reliability
♦ Fail-Safe Latching
♦ Epoxy-Free Optical Path

♦ Fault Protection
♦ Channel Add/Drop
♦ Channel Switching
♦ Instrumentation


LB Full 2×2 High Power Fiber Optical SwitchMinTypicalMaxUnit
Operating Wavelength Single mode:     1260~ 1360 and/or 1510~ 1610nm
 Multimode:         810 ~ 890 and/or 1260/1360
Insertion Loss [1]0.61.0 (1.2)[3]dB
PDL (Single Mode)0.1dB
Return Loss [1] Single mode:     50dB
 Multimode:       35
Cross Talk [1]  Single mode:     50dB
 Multimode:        35
Switching Time                                           10ms
Repetition Rate20Hz
Switching TypeLatching
Operating Temperature-570oC
Storage Temperature-4085oC
Optical Power Handling300500mW
Package Dimension10L x 6.6 W x 4.6Hmm
Return Loss [1] Single mode:     SMF-28 or equivalent
 Multimode:       MM50/125, MM62.5/125 or equivalent


  [1]. Exclude connectors.

  [2]. Multimode IL measure @ Light Source CPR<14 dB.

  [3]. Dual band, and Dual 1×2, Full 2×2, Dual Full 2×2.

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