Fiber Cladding Power Stripper With Internal Liquid Cooling

(100 -1kW)
  • High Reliability
  • Ultra-Low Loss
  • Passive
  • Integrated Tap

For a fast quote, select part# on the datasheet. If a particular feature is not on, NRE charge is often required


Our Fiber Cladding Power Stripper removes unwanted cladding light from a high optical power transmission fiber, which is harmful to the downstream components. This device does not break the fiber, offering continuous core transmission with little loss. The devices have unique internal passive liquid circulation micro-chambers to cool localized hot spots effectively. The devices are designed for aerospace systems with high reliability and power levels exceeding kW. We offer both medium-power compact size and high-power compatible packages, both with internal self-containing liquid cooling. The devices should be mounted in contact with a heat sink, such as a metal frame, to transfer the heat from the device surfaces.


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