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Agiltron has been a trusted provider of MEMS device development and production services for over 20 years, operating a fully equipped in-house 6” wafer fab. Our facility is meticulously maintained, enabling the production of various lines of commercial products, including FDA-approved medical devices, industrial sensors, and network devices. Being a small company, we offer distinct cost advantages and faster delivery times than other MEMS foundries.

With a proven track record, we excel in transitioning customer concepts into successful commercial products. Our expertise spans diverse areas, including bio-medical MEMS devices, electrothermally and electrostatically actuated devices, and optical cavity-based sensors. Additionally, we offer comprehensive services from design to prototyping, production, packaging, testing, assembly, reliability qualification, and special tool development. Our specialization extends to providing cost-effective services for device hermetical packaging (including optical windows) and optical fiber coupling. Furthermore, we have established capabilities for wafer-to-wafer bonding, encompassing silicon-to-glass, silicon-to-silicon, device-to-holder with uneven surfaces, optical MEMS, and wafer-level MEMS chip electrical and motion testing. Agiltron has a history of successfully incubating MEMS start-up companies into IPOs. Whether your project is a mature product or a concept, we are poised to take it on and guide it through production. Additionally, we offer office and lab space to accommodate your staff work on-site.


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