Optical Tunable Filters

  • Unmatched Low Cost
  • Large Tuning Rang up to 300nm
  • Low Optical Loss, 1.5 to 2.5 dB
  • Narrow Line Width 0.1-2nm
  • Wide Wavelengths (900nm to 2300nm)
  • SM, Multi-Mode, Polarization Maintaining (PM)
  • High Optical Power ( up to 20W CW)

We produce a wide range of single-mode (SM), multimode (MM), and polarization-maintaining fiber (PM) fiber coupled tunable filters with industry-leading performance and value. These tunable filters are based on two proprietary technologies that utilize athermal multi etalon cavities or gratings, offering attractive features of covering near all wavelength, very low loss, unparallel low cost, set-and-hold operation, wide tuning range, ultrabroad band (visible to LWIR), and minimal drift. We uniquely offer ultra-wide tuning range up to 300nm and high-power handle versions (10W). The applications include test, instrumentation, and OEM sensor systems.

Manual Versions

Electric USB/RS232 Versions