Manual Grating-Based Fiber Optic Tunable Filter

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(High Resolution, < 0.25nm)

Agiltron’s Manual Grating-Based Fiber Optic Tunable Filter provides a simple way to adjust the center wavelength of narrow band over wide band. Wavelength tuning is achieved by rotating a grating using a micrometer.  Based on a proprietary optics, Agiltron offers extremely low insertion loss, high stability, polarization independent operation, and high off-band suppression. It is tunable continuously over a wide spectral range. The device presents a most cost-effective solution for OEM applications from fiber optic networks to fiber sensing interrogation.

  • Extremely low insertion loss and PDL
  • Wide Tune Range
  • High off-band suppression
  • Uniform bandwidth
  • High tuning resolution
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • DWDM networks
  • Fiber Sensing
  • ASE control
  • Tunable Fiber Laser sources
ParameterMinTypicalMax Unit
Wavelength Tuning Range 1060±151500±20 2000±20nm
Tuning Resolution0.02nm
Insertion Loss11.11.6dB
PDL(SM fiber only)0.25dB
Extinction ratio20dB
Off-Band Suppression45dB
PMD(SM Fiber only)0.5ps
Return Loss40dB
Optical Power Handling(CW)500mW
Opereating Temperature02060oC
Storage Temperature-1070oC
Fiber TypeSMF-28 / Panda-PM1550
Package Dimension88 x 32 x 24mm



  1. Insertion Loss excluding connectors



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