Optical Variable Attenuators

  • SM, Multi-Mode, Polarization Maintaining (PM)
  • All Types: MEMS, Electro-Optical, Optomechanical
  • Ultra-Low Loss  (0.2 dB)
  • High Attenuation (> 65 dB)
  • All Wavelengths (200 nm to 3000 nm)
  • All Fiber Types (3 μm to 900 μm core, double cladding)
  • Ultra-High-Speed (100 ns)
  • High Optical Power (up to 20 W CW)
  • Low Drive Voltage < 5 V
  • Wide Operation Temperature (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Ultra-High Reliability (full space, mill-spec qualifications)
  • Smallest Size
  • Vibration Insensitive
  • Competitive Price
  • Turn-Key Modules and Unsurpassed Customer Solutions
  • Large Core (up to 1mm ф)
  • USB/RS232 Programmable

We produce the largest selections of fiber optic variable attenuators for most application scenarios, leading the market in performance and value. These VOAs have corresponding control electronics for ease of use. To guide the selection among the many types, please click this link. HOW TO SELECT VOA TYPES

Electrical Fiber Attenuator Selection Guide
Type Broadband
Vibration Insensitive
Large Attenuation >70dB
High Power
up to 20W
Compact Array
Loss <0.3dB
Large Core
up to ø1mm
High Precision