MEMS Variable Fiber Optic Attenuators (VOAs)

Based on proprietary Si micro-machined VOA chips, Agiltron’ s MEMS Electrical Fiber Optic Attenuator family features industry-leading performance in low insertion loss, low WDL/PDL, and low cost. Our MEMS VOAs are conveniently controllable by directly applying a voltage. The MEMS VOA series is in full compliance with the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability standards. We offer a wide range of configurations covering single-mode, multimode, and polarization-maintaining, single-channel, multi-channel, and integrated tap versions. Single-crystal silicon is an ideal material for miniature mechanical devices with its excellent mechanical properties: virtually no hysteresis, little fatigue to ensure service lifetimes over trillions of flexing cycles without breaking. The lightweight and thin format enables optic devices with improved vibration resistance and compactness.

MEMS Free Space VOAs

MEMS Free Space VOAs

The MEMS series free space VOA is based on a proprietary patent pending micro-electro-mechanical mechanism featuring exceptionally large shutter movement and high reliability. The MEMS series free space VOA is designed to completely block a collimated light beam over 500 mm in diameter and be operated in air without the need for hermetic seal and is fully compliant with the Telcordia 1209 and 1221 reliability standards. The device is ideally suited to be integrated into laser systems. Its control is conveniently applying a voltage. Temperature compensated chip is an option.

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