High Speed Variable Fiber Optical Attenuators (VOAs) – NanoSpeed™

Fast: 200ns, 400-2400nm, Vibration Insensitive, Low Loss, 50dB Extinction, High Power up to 10W

The NanoSpeed™ Variable Optic Attenuator family features ultra-fast sub-millisecond response, non-mechanical high reliability, and a wide operating temperature range from -50°C to +90°C. These VOAs are based on electro-optical crystals and are designed to meet the most mission-critical high-speed applications. We offer a low-drift version with a compensation technique. The NanoSpeed™ device is mounted on a matching electronic driver that is powered by a 12V DC and analog controlled by a 0-5V signal with speed up to 800kHz. The high-speed VOA can also be operated at a fixed 5MHz with full attenuation. For better linearity, we offer an optically biased small amplitude version.