High Speed 50dB Variable Optical Attenuator – NanoSpeed™

(1260nm – 1650nm, 100 KHz, 50dB, Bidirectional, SMF, PMF)
  • 50dB High on/off Ratio
  • Solid State High Reliability
  • High Speed
  • Very Low Optical Loss
  • High Optical Power Handling
  • Minimal Transit Echoes
  • Wide Operation Temperature Range
  • Vibration Insensitive

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The NSAI series of NanoSpeedTM fiber optic attenuators uniquely feature large attenuation of 35dB, low optical loss, fast response, and high optical power handling. This is achieved by cascading several devices on a PCB board with a single electrical control input and housed inside a metal casing. The NS fiber-optic devices meet the most demanding reliability requirements for undersea, space, and continuous switching with a longevity of over 25 years. The switch is bidirectional. The NS Series devices are connected to pre-tuned electronic drivers. The control signal is 0-5V via an SMA port, and the power is 12V DC (a wall pluggable is accompanied inside the shipping box).


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